Coda to Make Electric Cars with China’s Great Wall

Coda Automotive said Tuesday it plans to produce affordable electric cars with China’s Great Wall Motor Co. to be sold under the U.S. company’s name worldwide starting in 2014.

Designed for the North American, Chinese, and European markets, this co-developed electric car is intended to be the most affordable EV on the market, comparable to entry-level internal combustion engine vehicles.

Vehicles will be developed by employees of both companies in research facilities in Los Angeles and Baoding, China. Vehicles will be sub-assembled in the Great Wall’s manufacturing facilities in Baoding. Final assembly of U.S.-destined vehicles will take place in Coda’s facility in the U.S.

The first model from the agreement will be based on an existing Great Wall vehicle.

Great Wall, China’s biggest seller of sport-utility vehicles and pickups, doesn’t currently sell electric vehicles, Coda said.

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