Volt Outsells Leaf in December

Chevrolet Volt extended-range electric vehicles has outsold Nissan’s Leaf all-electric car for the third consecutive month.

GM sold 1,529 Chevrolet Volts in December, up over 1,139 units in November, 1,108 units in October, and a relatively big improvement over the 723 units delivered in September.

Sales of the Chevrolet Volt totaled 7,671 units in 2011. Currently, about 2,600 dealers are selling Volts.

Sales of the Nissan LEAF totaled 954 units in December, up from 672 units sold in November; with deliveries totaling 9,674 since the vehicle’s December 2010 U.S. debut. This is just 326 sales under the company’s 10,000-unit target for 2011.

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